I have been a customer of Lafayette Cleaners for over 50 years and it is the only place I trust to take the very best care of my clothes and household dry cleaning. The quality of their work keeps your clothes looking new for years. The ladies there are always friendly and glad to give me a hand with my cleaning. My children have continued to take their cleaning to Mr. Honeycutt trust his cleaners to take the very best care of their children’s finer clothing.

-Ann J.


They do a great job. I have gotten MANY clothes done here and they come out great each time. However, the staff make the place. They are very helpful and friendly. They remember us every time we go in…

-Allison G.


I took my wedding dress to Lafayette’s right before my wedding to remove a mascara stain. They had it ready for me in less than a week and it looked better than when I first bought it! It was so gorgeous and shiny and you could tell they really took their time cleaning it. I definitely recommend Lafayette cleaners to anyone and will remember them when my wedding dress needs preservation!

-Kate Roach


I took a white silk dalmatic to Lafayette Scientific Cleaners in Greenville, SC and they cleaned it beautifully. They are honest, courteous and do good work. The vestment was soiled from use and had water stains. The soiling and stains were so bad, the dalmatic could not be used. There are some old stains that could not be removed without risking damaging the silk, but the vestment can be used again and is greatly improved. Not only is the dalmatic cleaned, but Lafayette didn’t ask me to sign a release before I left my garment with them. This means these people are trustworthy. Some people are willing to take a vestment or some other special garment, promise they can clean it and ruin it in the process. Sometimes, they will make you sign a release before you leave your garment with them. That is their license to be reckless with your property and be protected from liability if something goes wrong. Never trust these kind of people. Lafayette Cleaners is probably the best place in Greenville to take vestments or other special garments for care.

A Google User