My hero is my dad, Bill Honeycutt.  His integrity and ethical principles in business and in his personal life are to be admired.  I’m proud to say is my dad and proud of the way he started this business back in 1953 always keeping the highest standards of a quality product for his customers.  Continuing his legacy, Lafayette “Scientific” Cleaners, is so important to me. Keeping him proud of the way the cleaners operates to keep our customers’ confidence and satisfaction, which has always been his inspiration for running this cleaners since the beginning, is my greatest pursuit.  I have BIG shoes to fill! My hero, my dad, my inspiration.


Home to me means returning to the Upstate after moving to the Atlanta area 29 years ago.  Born and raised here in Greenville for over 20 years, (I’m not going to reveal just how many years over 20 for those of you out their doing their math), didn’t really mean all that much to me back then, but now that I have returned, I realize just how wonderful it is to live and work in this area.  I have had the good fortune to travel the world and see overwhelming sights and cultures, but none of those places gave me the contentment that I feel being back home.


Essentially, I have had  five different careers in my adult life and yes, I do consider being a mom as a career. Each one sourcing from a “game changer” in life. I spent time in retail sales, the travel industry, a law firm and now in dry cleaning.  In all of these careers I really did the same thing, worked hard to make the customer confident and glad they did business with me. The names and faces change, but the game remains the same.


The best part of owning my own businesses has been seeing successful results in the product I have furnished for my customers. Knowing that I need to stay informed, consistent and make sure the business stays successful is enjoyable to me. Don’t get me wrong, running a business isn’t always a bowl full of cherries as all of you know, but working together with my employees as a team/family, I achieve great satisfaction.


I feel confident that when people do business with us they will know we strive to do the very best job for them in keeping their clothing, household items and specialty items in the best possible condition, looking and smelling fantastic. We use a “Scientific” approach in using the highest quality solvents that are also eco-friendly, and consistently run tests to keep them “clear” meaning that we always refresh the fluids in our equipment to make sure fabrics never retain any oders and always look brighter and fresher.  Each item is pre-spotted, hand pressed and inspected twice before it is returned to our customer.


-Owner Todd Johnson

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