Our business depends upon keeping your clothing looking its best. Yet misinformation continually creeps into media reports. Here are the facts regarding the most frequent areas of misinformation.

FICTION- Drycleaning wears out clothing. It’s better to clean infrequently.

FACT- Regular drycleaning keeps garments looking fresh and extends their life.

Spots and stains allowed to remain without treatment will gradually oxidize, set, and become permanent. We are trained and equipped to deal with stains, and if anyone can safely remove them, we can.

DO NOT iron stained or soiled clothes in an attempt to get “just one more wear” out of them. Ironing soiled fabric will set stains and drive them deeper into the fabric.

NEVER put a garment away with a stain on it. Stains containing sugar and even small amounts of food are a tasty treat for insects, leading to holes from eaten fibers. Also, putting clothes away before cleaning almost guarantees discoloration or oxidation of stains.


FICTION- All stains can be removed.

FACT- No they can’t.

But, if there is anyway possible, we can do it. Whether it’s a new garment or a treasured, well-worn item, everyone hates it when they spill something on their clothing. We understand, and will always use our very best effort to have your garment returned to your care in like-new condition. However, successful stain removal depends largely upon the type of fabric, the nature of the stain, and how much time passes between the stain and treatment. We’ve been told numerous times (daily, in fact) that we remove stains that many drycleaners in Greenville cannot remove, but time is of the essence when working on an item.

For the very best chance, get us your garment quickly, and do not pre-treat.


FICTION- Drycleaning harms the environment.

FACT- Some drycleaning practices do, we do not.

We’re PERC free, and we will never use anything on your garment that we wouldn’t use on our own children’s clothing. Our cleaning process is scientific, allowing us to clean in environmentally friendly, healthier ways. We believe in taking the long way ’round for successful cleaning that benefits your garments, our employees, and our community.

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